National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

“Manuscript and Book Heritage of Ukraine” [Rukopisna ta knižkova spadŝina Ukraïni] is a series of scientific articles presenting archeographic studies of unique archival and librarian fonds. It was founded in 1993 by the Institute of Manuscript of V. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine. The editor-in-chief is a corresponding member of the NAS of Ukraine Liubov Dubrovina. It is published one time a year, 20 editions have been issued to date, currently the twenty first edition is being prepared for publishing. We accept articles written in Ukrainian, Russian, English and Polish languages.

Within the periodical we publish articles presenting studies of contents and history of fonds, documental complexes, separate manuscripts and books, publications of uknown or little known documents, scientific referential and scientific informational materials (fonds reviews, archeographic and librarian descriptions, indices, messages), articles dealing with manuscripts storage and records, as well as with the issues of creation of automated technologies of processing, description and use of manuscripts and books.

The vast majority of materials cover the studies of books and manuscripts associated with the history of Ukraine and encompass the sources different in their chronology, contents, characteristics and consistence, deposited in the Institute of Manuscript of VNLU. The series also includes research of Russian, Eastern and West-European sources.

Archival fonds reviews are of prior importance as they introduce the fonds to scientists. The actuality of the problem of manuscript and book fonds preservation, particularly their physical state, and provision of proper conditions for unique librarian and archival documents storage, studies of the issues of their restoration and conservation are submitted. The series also inludes articles dealing with the issues of automation and improvement of the general level of data retrieval systems in librarian and archival studies.

The following scientists have contributed to the series: S. Bulatova, O. Halchenko, L. Hnatenko, P. Holobutsky, L. Dubrovina, O. Ivanova, H. Kovalchuk, L. Kornii, Y. Labyntsev, K. Lobuzina, I. Matiash, L. Mukha, Y. Mytsyk, V. Plachynda, O. Pohribnyi, I. Serhieieva, S. Sokhan, S. Starovoit, O. Stepchenko, V. Ulianovsky, I. Chepiha, Y. Chernukhin, N. Shyp, L. Yaremenko, Y. Yasinovskyi and others. The series is intended for specialists – historians, philosophers, philologists, art historians, culture studies specialists and a wide range of researchers interested in the Ukrainian history.