National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

“Manuscript and Book Heritage of Ukraine” [Rukopisna ta knižkova spadŝina Ukraïni] is a digest of scientific works, professional continuing edition with the subtitle "Archaeographic Studies of Unique Archival and Library Funds". It is designed for specialists in the fields of book science, codicology, archeography, archival science, source studies, librarianship, bibliography, social communications, as well as a wide range of researchers interested in national history.

Founded in 1993 on the basis of a specialized research unit of the Vernadsky Central Scientific Library (now – Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine, VNLU) - Institute of Manuscript, is formed with the involvement of specialists of other scientific departments of VNLU, as well as domestic and foreign library and archival institutions.

Founder and publisher: Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine. It comes out with a frequency of 1–2 issues per year. Languages: Ukrainian, English, Polish.

Digest of "R. K. S. U." was registered by the Attestation Board of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as a professional publication in the specialties “Historical Sciences” (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 10.10.2015 No. 1021) and “Social Communications” (Order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine dated 21.12.2015 No. 1328).

The digest covers various aspects of studying the history and life of a manuscript book, old printed books, specialized library and archival holdings in order to reconstruct the history of book culture in Ukraine and world; scientific researches on special historical disciplines (book source studies, codicology and codicography, filigranology, paleography, textual studies, marginal studies, etc.) are represented; paper publications, scientific and information materials (reviews of the composition and content of funds, archaeographic and bibliographic descriptions, indexes, notices, reviews), articles on problems of storage, restoration and conservation of manuscripts and books, as well as on the creation of automated technologies for describing manuscript and printed documents, use of information retrieval systems in library and archives, etc. Foreign experience is also represented.

Theoretical and scientific and methodological level of the digest of "R. K. S. U." is provided by studies of the well-known in Ukraine and beyond the scientific school of codicology and archaeography, started in the early 1990s by Doctor of Sciences (History), Corresponding Member of the NAS of Ukraine L. Dubrovina, as well as by scientific studios of scientific schools in the field of books, librarianship , biography, national bibliography, formed at VNLU.

Materials are submitted under the headings: “Studies of archival and book fonds”, “History of book collections and gatherings”, “Codicology and codicography”, “Studies in special historical disciplines”, “Preservation of library and archival funds”, “Information technologies in library and archival case”, “Publication of documents”, “Our colleagues abroad”, “Messages”, “Reviews”, “Personalia”.

Significant dates in the activity of the VNLU and NAS of Ukraine are marked by the beginning of anniversary columns, in particular – "To the 100th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine" (Issue 19) and "To the 100th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine” (Issues 21, 22).

In the Science Board of the digest "R. K. S. U." – Academician of NAS of Ukraine (1), Doctor of Sciences (7). Of these, O. Onyshchenko. H. Papakin, N. Shyp. O. Khamrai, O. Pastushenko. Foreign specialists - Alina Dzentiol (Poland), Rima Tsitsinene (Lithuania) and Olaf Hamann (Germany) are also involved to the Scientific Board of the R. K. S. U.

In the modern Editorial Board of the digest "R. K. S. U." – Corresponding Members of NAS of Ukraine (2), Doctors (11) and Candidates of Sciences (7). Of these, 1 Corresponding Member, 6 Doctors and 5 Candidates of Science are VNLU staff. In different years the Editorial Board included leading scientists in the field of book science, archaeography, source studies: L. Dubrovina, G. Boryak, T. Kivshar, G. Kovalchuk, S. Kuleshov, V. Omelchuk, O. Onyshchenko, P. Sokhan, G. Yukhimets, N. Shyp and others. The Editorial Board also includes foreign experts from Poland, France, Lithuania, Great Britain. Editor-in-chief of the digest is Doctor of Sciences (History), Professor L. Buriak. Secretary in Charge is N. Zubkova.

Editorial board of the digest "R. K. S. U." provides review process. Articles are prepared in compliance with the requirements for editorial design of a scientific professional publication in accordance with state standards. Abstracts, key words and a list of sources used are submitted in Ukrainian and English (the list of sources used is also in Latin transliteration).

Among the authors are famous domestic and foreign scientists: S. Bulatova, O. Galchenko, L. Gnatenko, P. Holobutsky, L. Dubrovina, N. Zubkova, O. Ivanova, G. Kovalchuk, L. Kornii, Y. Labyntsev, K. Lobuzina, I. Matiash, L. Mukha, Y. Mytsyk, B. Plachynda, O. Poghribny, I. Sergeyeva, S. Sokhan, S. Starovoit, O. Stepchenko, V. Ulianovsky, I. Chepiha, Ye. Chernukhin, N. Shyp, L. Yaremenko, Y. Yasinovsky and others.

Publications of the digest "R. K. S. U." are issued in accordance with international requirements for submission of scientific publications, reflected in the Reference database "Ukrainian Science", indexed by scientific databases : Web of Sciences (WOS), Google Scholar, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Index Copernicus, Research Bible, Scientific Indexing Services.

Scientific digest "R. K. S. U." has its own website ( The electronic archive of the edition is presented on the digest site: and in the database "Scientific periodicals of Ukraine" on the VNLU portal.


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