Manuscript and Book Heritage of Ukraine: Archeographic Studies of Unique Archival and Librarian Fonds

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The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine, Institute of Manuscript

Mission and purpose

The purpose of Manuscript And Book Heritage of Ukraine scientific periodical consists in the introduction to the scientific and social circulation of new documentary sources on the history of Ukraine, theoretical and practical research on the problems of archeography, bibliology, codicology and codicography, library and archival science, innovative technologies in the library and archival business. Publications of documents, presented in the collection, are  source of information for further scientific work on history, philology, and cultural studies.

Intention and tasks

The intention and task of the scientific collection is the publication of thematically relevant, theoretical or practical in content, new in value articles and publications of documents. Materials that have passed the procedures of external and internal reviewing on the subject of their scientific level and compliance with the issues of the publication are accepted for publication. Manuscript And Book Heritage of Ukraine scientific periodical is an open publication that invites to cooperation of both domestic and foreign scientific professionals. The humanitarian orientation of the scientific collection provides an opportunity to cover studies on history, philology, art, library and archives, preservation and restoration of documents, innovative information technologies. The high quality of the scientific periodical is provided by professional authors and the exactingness of the editorial board and reviewers to the scientific novelty and relevance of the papers proposed for publication. The publication is an information field for conducting scientific professional discussions on specialized scientific fields.

Subject areas

- The series covers various aspects of the research of history and existence of manuscripts, old printed books, specialized librarian and archival fonds with a view to reconstructing the history of book culture in Ukraine.

- It represents scientific studies on specific historical subjects, publishes documents, scientific referential and informational material (collections reviews, archeographic and bibliographic descriptions, indexes, reports and reviews.

- The periodical also encompasses articles on the problems of storage, restoration and conservation of manuscripts.


Ukrainian, English, Polish, Russian


1 time a year

Registration by the State Attestation Commission of Ukraine (VAK)

According to the Resolution of the Presidium of  the VAK of Ukraine of 10.02.2010 № 1-05.1

Field of study



The issue 20, which was published in 2016, contained 30 scientific and 3 review articles.

The issue 21, which was published in 2017, contained 21 scientific and 17 review articles.

The issue 22, which was published in 2018, contained 28 scientific and 6 review articles.

Editorial policy

  • objectiveness;
  • high requirements for scientific researches;
  • policy of articles reviewing;
  • strict observance of copyright

Manuscript processing terms

After a manuscript enters the Editor’s Office, we assess if it meets the formal requirements for publication (text volume, number of data sources etc.) during the next 2-3 days. If the procedure completes successfully, a paper goes forward to reviewers. All articles undergo editorial and peer reviewing. Reviewers take their decisions during the period of 2-3 weeks. If a paper receives a favorable experts’ review, the manuscript goes through pre-print processing, which is conducted for 7-10 days.

Open access policy

Our periodical provides immediate open access to its content under the following principle: free open access to research results provides for the expanse of global knowledge exchange.

(Texts are available under the Creative Commons
with Attribution — NonCommercial — NoDerivatives)


The edition archives digital versions of articles in “Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine” national depository by Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine.

Digital version of the series in "Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine"