Review Process

All articles and publications submitted to the editorial board of the Manuscript and Book Heritage of Ukraine scientific periodical, except for reviews and information messages, undergo a review procedure. The task of reviewing is to promote an unbiased selection of original manuscripts for publication and make specific recommendations for correcting factographic or other mistakes, if any, improving the style of the statement, etc. The review procedure is aimed at the most objective assessment of the content of a scientific article, determining its compliance with the requirements of a scientific periodical and assumes a comprehensive analysis of the novelty and relevance of the materials of the article. Only those articles and publications of documents that introduce into the scientific and public circulation new information from archeographic studies of the historical manuscript and book heritage of Ukraine in particular and the world as a whole and also highlight current and retrospective problems of the development of library and bibliography, historiography, archival science, preservation of handwritten and book fonds of librarian and archival institutions are accepted for publication. An indispensable condition for the adoption of materials for printing is their compliance with the rules for the preparation and arrangement of articles and publications for publishing in the Manuscript and Book Heritage of Ukraine scientific periodical.

The editorial board of the Manuscript and Book Heritage of Ukraine scientific periodical reserves the right of internal reviewing of articles and publications proposed for publishing, which is explained by the narrow specialization of the publication (library and archive business, archaeography). Independent reviewers, which are professionals in the field of the materials submitted for publication, are involved in internal review. Internal and external reviews are registered, respectively, reviewers are personally responsible for eliminating cases of poor-quality practice of scientific research. Reviewers evaluate the theoretical and methodological level of articles, their practical value and scientific novelty. Besides, the reviewers determine the compliance of the article with the principles of ethics in scientific publications and provide recommendations for eliminating cases of their violation.

Reviewers are informed that the manuscripts sent to them are the intellectual property of the authors and refer to information that is not subject to disclosure. Reviewers are not allowed to make copies of an article submitted for review, or to use information about the content of an article before it is published. The editorial board of the Manuscript and Book Heritage of Ukraine scientific periodical does not consider it necessary to adhere to the principle of confidentiality, relying on the high level of morality and scientific ethics of professionals in the range of problems, the study of which this publication covers. The authors of the materials submitted for publication are given the right to select external reviewers. Articles or publications of documents are accepted to the scientific periodical if they receive positive external and internal reviews. Comments of reviewers can be published along with the article by the consent (desire) of authors and reviewers.